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Mega Pools, Inc.

Mega Pools, Inc. is an Information Technology company located in Illinois. It is staffed with seasoned professionals and Subject Matter Experts in the fields of:

  • Electronic Invoice/Bill Presentment and Payment Applications (EIPP & EBPP);
  • Banking and Finance, Corporate Applications;
  • Supply Chain & Warehouse Management Systems;
  • Active and Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technologies;
  • Wholesale and Retail Financing Applications for the Transportation Industry;
  • Collateral Management Systems;
  • Process Modeling and Process Improvements


We provide EIPP/EBPP solutions for Billers, Payers and Bill Aggregators, and provide real-time on-line data aggregation, harmonization and virtualization solutions and services.
Our subject matter experts are led by a visionary Chief Architect who has a passion for innovation and who makes a clear and positive impact on software design, application development and delivery. Our application developers use a wide array of advanced development tools. The selection and matching of these tools move our technology ahead of competing products. Our executive staff has visions of how our technology could transform your company to be the leader in your chosen industry.


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