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Global Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment
Global Electronic Presentment and Payment
Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) is the process by which companies electronically present invoices and make payments to one another via the Internet.
Our Global eIPP offers an intuitive, cost effective and secure e-Invoicing solution that is fully electronic end-to-end and totally eradicates paper invoices and paper checks. Global eIPP is offered for Billers, Payers and Bill Aggregators. Global eIPP removes the barriers in the adoption of e-Invoice deployment.
The following are some of the functions and features of  Global eIPP:
  ♦ Presents invoice information in "Up-to-the-Moment" state regardless of Biller's or Payer's applications, data base engines, operating systems or platforms.
  ♦ No need to transmit invoice files to the hosting site. No need to create electronic images of paper invoices. No need to scan paper invoice just to extract invoice data. No need to manually enter data to AP in order to pay.
  ♦ Creates automated AP invoice reconciliation and approval processes. No more long invoice processing cycles. No more late fees.
  ♦ Facilitates Dynamic Discount Management that is beneficial to both the Billers and Payers. Early payment discounts are easily captured.
  ♦ Provides real-time interactive Dispute Management used by both Billers and Payers for quick resolution of disputes and faster payment of invoices.
  ♦ Deployed as Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service or in-house solution that can be configured for all types of invoices and customers.
  ♦ Very user-friendly, requires minimum training.

  ♦ Global eIPP is built from our proprietary Information Spectrum® technology and leverages its functions and features.
The only Global EIPP payment solution in the industry.