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Information Spectrum®

 Real Time Data Virtualization


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Information Spectrum

Information Spectrum® (IS) is a Real-time Data Virtualization Solution, enabler of Business Intelligence and Work Flow Processes, an advanced Extract, Transform and Load application (ETL), and provides data aggregation and harmonization.

Following are some of the features of IS and benefits derived from its use:


  ♦  Accelerates end-deliverables of mergers and acquisitions, and diversifications  

  ♦ Brings together any disparate data together from different domains, data base engines or computing platforms (legacy mainframes and client servers).


  ♦ Information Spectrum® is your delivery channel to real-time data virtualization without the need of data warehousing or intermediate data storage, thus achieving the goal of "Single Source of Truth".


  ♦ Supports the most commonly used DBMS such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MS Access.


  ♦ Interfaces to the customer's existing applications regardless of platform or programming language. It can create triggers and pass controls to applications outside of IS or to IS-generated applications and act on those triggers. Provides visibility to critical information such as: financial transactions, audit-points, control factors, key-results areas, etc. 


  ♦ Access to information is secured using role-based rules.

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