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Information Spectrum®

 Real Time Data Virtualization


Global Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment
Use Case Scenarios

Information Spectrum® (IS) usage is limited beyond your imagination. It can interface with any existing application regardless of programming languages, data format, operating systems and platforms. It can handle structured and unstructured data and provide timely and accurate information to anticipated and unanticipated users.

Information Spectrum®  provides seamless connectivity to disparate systems to aggregate data and turns it to useful information. This information can be used for solid business decisions that may affect local and global market positioning.

Some of the practical applications of Information Spectrum® are:


  ♦ Finance and Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence Enabler, Healthcare, Logistics and Manufacturing, Governance and Transparency Monitoring & Reporting, Human Resource Master Data, Humanitarian and Government Programs


  ♦ Mergers and Acquisitions, and Diversifications - See high-level view  (Click here)


  ♦ Oil Manufacturing and Distribution Financing - See high-level view   (Click here)